Making Sense of Dog Senses cover

Making Sense of Dog Senses:

How Our Furry Friends Experience the World

Illustrated by Raz Latif

Published by Owlkids Books

A playful yet scientifically precise exploration of a dog’s five senses that will help readers better appreciate the canine point of view.

How can dogs eat poop? Do they see in black and white or in color? Can they hear higher-pitched sounds than you? Making Sense of Dog Senses: How Our Furry Friends Experience the World explores dog sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Experience dog senses firsthand and gain an understanding of a dog’s sensory point of view. Even discover whether dogs have extra senses humans don’t.

Nonfiction for ages 8 to 12. 

Awards & Honors

Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection sealMaking Sense of Dog Senses: How Our Furry Friends Experience the World has been chosen as a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection.


Downloadable poster of a spread from inside the book.

Owlkids Creator Corner interview with me and Raz Latif about the book. Check it out here.

Interview with the Highlights Foundation about the book. Watch it here.

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Praise for Making Sense of Dog Senses:

“A ramble around the doggy sensorium, from 'heat-seeking' nose to sniff-worthy butt...The author tucks in several very simple but ingeniously designed ways for hands-on readers to get a feeling for how dog and human senses differ...chock-full of doggy treats.”

  • Kirkus Reviews

“This book would be a good option for kids with questions after observing dog behavior or families considering adding a new pet to the family. Although there are plenty of informational picture books about dogs, the focus on the science of dog senses makes this one unique and worth adding to a collection.’”

  • Youth Services Book Review

"Gibeault teaches that from sniffing butts to keen hearing, there is much more to these beloved animals than meets the eye...Whether dog noses, footpads, or whiskers—curious dog-lovers will learn about it all...Gibeault crafts a fun, quirky book about dogs and their many abilities; great for animal lovers, young and old."

  • School Library Journal

"A charming collection of stories about our best friends that also happen to be true. A delight for readers young and old - sure to spark a love of science and a deeper understanding of the fascinating minds we share our homes with."

  • Dr. Brian Hare, author of the New York Times Bestseller Genius of Dogs
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