Dogs vs Humans cover

Dogs vs. Humans:

A Showdown of the Senses

Illustrated by Bambi Edlund

Published by Owlkids Books

Coming March 18, 2025!

Whose five senses are superior: dogs or humans?

In a showdown of the senses, who would come out as top dog: canines or humans? This junior nonfiction book creates a fierce but fun competition, comparing the ways dogs and humans perceive the world through each of the five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.

As dogs and humans are playfully pitted against each other, with one round for each sense, young readers will discover the scientific and evolutionary explanations behind our differences. It’s a close race! Humans win for sight, with better depth perception, distance, and color vision. But dogs are stronger sniffers—with their noses, some can even locate people buried in an avalanche or detect an illness before a doctor has diagnosed it. And the winner is … Well, in the end, it’s a tie!

With lively, cartoon-style illustrations, this book is an engaging and informative introduction to dog behavior that can help kids better understand and appreciate their canine companions.

Nonfiction picture book for ages 5 to 8.

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